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Welcome to Chaos Theory.

A guild for Adults 18 and Over

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Guide to the Golden Lotus Faction Quests

Roger1946, Oct 9, 12 6:10 AM.
This guide shares some details about the associated quest chain that takes you to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Golden Lotus. If you'd prefer to naturally find your way there during your adventures, the first couple of bullets should be sufficient for pointing you in the right direction.
Here is how you get into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms:

Arena of Annihilation provides a quick and easy blue weapon at level 90

Roger1946, Oct 5, 12 7:27 AM.
Once you're 90, head to Kun-lai Summit and the Temple of the White Tiger. Gurgthock will be standing next to a gong just outside the temple proper, and he'll give you a quest to enter the Arena of Annihilation, with the reward being the choice of a couple weapons tailor made for your class.
Once you get the quest, what you'll want to do is queue for the Arena of Annihilation scenario. Open the Dungeon Finder Interface (The hotkey should be "I" by default) and choose the Scenarios option. Choose Specific Scenarios from the drop down menu, check the box next to Arena of Annihilation, make sure no other boxes are checked, and hit Find Group. Within moments, you'll be in the Scenario and well on your way to your weapon. Once you defeat the final boss, Wodin the Troll-Servant will be waiting right there in the scenario to reward you.

Good guide on reaching 600 Cooking

Roger1946, Oct 5, 12 7:19 AM.
​Hope this link will help you in reaching 600 cooking.

Quartermasters and where to find them

Roger1946, Oct 5, 12 7:02 AM.
If you're running dungeons for justice or valor points, PvPing for honor or conquest, or grinding reputation with one of Pandaria's many factions, one of the questions that you may be asking is where do I go to buy stuff? If you are, then I have a list of vendors for you.


Lacutus71, Mar 18, 12 7:54 PM.
This is manditory raid rules.
1. Must have vent with working mic.
2. Know fights(youtube, icy-veins) research, research, research!
3. Know your toon(rotation, buffs, ect.)
4. Be ready(gems, enchants)
5. Addons (dbm up to date, threat meter such as Omen, gtfo if you need it, ect.)
6. BE ON TIME!! (invites start to go out 15min. before raid)

Check your calender (accept, decline, tentative) click something!
Feasts and flasks will be supplied as always, as will guild repair.
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Roger1946 (Sashia)
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Shandris (PvE)
All guildies must be 18 years of age or older, guildies are required to have vent and a working mic for raids and guild meetings.
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